Dover Minnesota

Founded in 1854, Incorporated in 1908
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Information on Water Sewer Rates


Effective January 1, 2022 the Water and Sewer Rates 

1st 1,000 Gallons                         $10.75                         $22.75

Each 1,000 Gallons

Thereafter                                     $5.00                            $7.50

Bulk water                                          $12 per thousand gallons


  • Residents that leave for the winter or have no water usage in a month- charge $10 per month handling fee
  • Irrigation meters charged $10 per month.
  • When appropriate, to shut off and turn on water main from street- charge $50.
  • When owner requests to replace a water meter or requests an irrigation meter he/she must pay for the water meter and radio cost along with a $50 startup fee and must, meet the city standards for installing.

The Council addresses the fund each year to make sure it stays solvent.